News: I’m a contributor to Motivate. Play.!

Hey faithful readers — I have some news that I am belatedly sharing with readers of my blog, most of whom know about this already. I’ve been added to the staff of regular contributors at Motivate. Play., where I’ll be writing about games, game design, and motivation from an ethnographer’s standpoint.

I’m really excited about this blog and this opportunity to work with these writers from different disciplines than myself. Go on over and check out the blog, and if you’re interested in my contributions so far, you can read my short primer on ethnography and gaming, or my most recent post on game design features of World of Warcraft that help players cope with repetitive failure. 

Upcoming posts will include such fascinating topics as “what was the purpose of mailbox dancers anyway?” and “why do I keep playing the Dragon Age games over and over again?” Stay tuned!

Advertisements guest post!

If you can’t get enough of my nattering about World of Warcraft, head on over to the LingAnth blog and check out my guest post about my dissertation research. Here’s a link!

My advisor sent out their call for graduate student guest posts, and my work fits in the Linguistic Anthropology field*, so I put together this guest post in a few hours. I hope you enjoy it!

*Even though anthropology is the study of humans, and my university’s IRB once famously told me that my work didn’t qualify as research under their guidelines because it “does not involve human subjects”.

this month’s contributions

Hey! For those of you who don’t already, make sure to check out Popular Linguistics Magazine, an online linguistics publication directed towards a general audience. I’ve contributed several articles in the Tech Report for this issue, on such cool things as new translation options, restaurant ordering via text message, and speak-to-tweet options for Twitter.

Edit: I have no idea why this post is appearing so late — this issue of PopLing has been up since mid-February! I blame constant misuse of the Schedule option in WordPress…