fun with transcription

I use ExpressScribe to transcribe my interviews, because it makes the whole thing much easier. The problem with ExpressScribe is that if you press the wrong button (and I’m not even sure what button that is), it automatically transcribes the talk for you.

This might be okay if, you know, I had trained it to recognize my voice, or if World of Warcraft jargon weren’t so impenetrable. Instead, it just spits out a whole bunch of nonsense… but occasionally, it gives me poetry. Here are two of my favorites:

The hero of one of your ad was reduced around superhero chocolate
That all A and B all the new hot has come about was ruled were cracked
On it we all played in a war craft all be at work church and its ties darkness
TWA crash to restock all
they’ll take that job done at red lobster
I never had to be secured,
find out a yelp they they all started playing on a GAAP as particles
so one site or bowl to care,
one of their accounts
plates of audiences
it neatly drove me out
will market the first copy it started playing like a mace is a clone and loan that was on six punts
after large white pickup said that would be what was taught for seven years now

I mean I still hold a book of false perception
that I’m the best and sauce
because I bring food
but at the same time
I’m also thinking
this doesn’t stop there
we’re bought the IRA, a delineation of the record
an hour and I sensed a freak in Tennessee


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