final exams and kittens

I recently finished grading my final exams. Sometimes I have really great answers — and by “great”, I mean “hilarious”.

Not so much this term. The exams fell into a pretty normal curve, with the answer ranging from “paid attention in class, did the readings, and is articulate” to “clearly didn’t pay attention in class and remembers hearing this word once but can’t really define it in any clear way”.

The one memorably funny answer I got was from the question “Why do middle-class women tend to speak with a more standard variety than middle-class men?”

The answer was:

I don’t remember the answer to this, but I reallllllly love kittens. 😀

I can’t lie, I was tempted to award a point just for the student paying attention in class enough to know the instructor’s proclivity for adorable baby animals.


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